You Need to Open an Online Savings Account: Barclays Review

We go online for everything. From keeping up with old friends to paying our bills. Having an online savings account is not only a convenience for us, they are also a very smart investment.

There are many online savings account to fit everyone’s needs. Most online savings accounts are FDIC-insured like other bank accounts, which means your money is safe. Some require a minimum to open an account, while others don’t.

Did You Know?

The average interest rate offered by a traditional bank is only 0.26%, while online savings accounts can offer you 2.20% APY.

As a customer of Barclays I feel confident referring others to opening an online savings account with them.

Why did I pick Barclays?


– They only require a minimum balance of $1 to open an account.

– The APY for their savings account is 2.20%

– $5 insufficient fund fee, while others can charge around $30 or more.

– $0 Monthly fees

– Barclays is a 325 year old London based account, making them trustworthy.

– Great human based customer service support.

You may think that opening an online savings account may be complicated, but it’s actually like everything online, easy and quick.

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