About Us

Fola Financial is committed to providing excellent accounting and financial services to our clients and community. We are expertised in tax planning and preparation, financial analysis and advisement, and financial education. 

Our team has gained experience from working with clients in different industries through various economic periods. Going beyond just accounting, our team is able to continuously provide expert financial advice to our individual and small business clients.

We view ourselves as a visionary group of passionate financial professionals with the relevant experience to match.

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Why choose us

Expert Team

Our team of CPA's, Tax Experts, and Financial Advisors will work diligently to assist you with wealth maximizaiton

Investment Advising

Quantify the potential gains or losses associated with investment decisions

Ongoing CPA Support

Your accountant should be involved with your business as you are throughout the year, not just during tax season.

Cash Flow Management

Understand how money flows in, out, and through your business

Tax Deductible ASSET

All professional fees incurred from your financial team are a tax deduction for your business

IRS & State Representation

We'll assist with responses to federal or state audits on behalf your business

Our team