Financial & Accounting Solutions for Your Financial Needs
Helping to create generational wealth
one client at a time...

Financial & Accounting Solutions for Your Financial Needs

Helping to create generational wealth one client at a time...


Who we are

Fola Financial is a financial services firm committed to adding value to our clients and community.

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What we do

We provide tax services, consultation, and financial consulting for individuals and small businesses.

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How we help

Financial education is an essential aspect of economic security yet is taught secondary in many communities.

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Tax Filing

With over 5+ years of tax experience, Fola is committed to minimizing your tax liability and getting you the best refund possible !

Tax Planning

Legally and ethically reducing your tax liability through the use of advanced tax saving strategies, tax sheltering, and deduction/credit maximization


Every successful business starts with a strong financial foundation. Learn how Fola can help you manage your business finances !

Financial Consulting

Need advice from a business professional and Certified Public Accountant? Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Entity Filing

Ready to protect yourself and grow your business ? Contact Fola to file for your business entity today.

Financial Education

Are you interested in hosting an event dedicated to financial literacy education? Fola is committed to empowering others through the use of financial education.

Reshaping the face of financial freedom
one client at a time...


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This is what we are committed to:
Empowerment through Education and Economic Enrichment


  • Make the Tax Code Work For You

    Every tax payer has the opportunity to benefit from the tax code, when they have knowledge of how the tax code works and take the steps to tax plan throughout the year. This may seem like an intimidating endeavor at first, but by working with a tax preparer to create a tax plan for your

    July 13, 2021
  • What’s Your Income ID?

    We are officially in the 2nd half of 2021! This is a great time to check in with ourselves to see if our income goals are matching what’s in our accounts!So let me as you this question… That’s right, your income ID? This one little letter could be the difference between you working for your

    July 1, 2021
  • Tax Planning for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

    Starting a business can be greatly rewarding and a lot of fun. But there’s one aspect that most small business owners and entrepreneurs dread – doing taxes.  One survey asked small business owners what made owning a business great for them. Almost everyone (96%) said they loved the flexibility of owning a business and the

    December 1, 2020
  • You Need to Open an Online Savings Account: Barclays Review

    We go online for everything. From keeping up with old friends to paying our bills. Having an online savings account is not only a convenience for us, they are also a very smart investment. There are many online savings account to fit everyone’s needs. Most online savings accounts are FDIC-insured like other bank accounts, which

    August 13, 2020
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