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Fola is a Yoruba name that means honor and wealth. This is what we are committed to: Empowering others through Education and Economics

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  • Who We are

    Fola Financial is a financial services firm committed to adding value to our clients and community.
  • What We do

    We provide tax services, consultation, and financial consulting for individuals and small businesses.
  • How We Help

    Financial education is an essential aspect of economic security yet is taught secondary in many communities.

Take control of your finances to plan your future.

Fola Financial is committed to providing the best financial services experience while educating our clients throughout the process

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Sheneya Wilson

Hi I’m Sheneya Wilson, MBA, CPA, PhD Student and CEO of Fola Financial. With a strong background in accounting, tax and financial education, I decided to start Fola Financial to provide these services to millennials, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

My goal is to help my clients solve their financial problems while educating them simultaneously. Through education, I empower my clients to feel more comfortable making financial decisions.

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To provide a total financial experience for motivated individuals and small businesses


To empower others through the use of economic wealth building and education


Ms. Sheneya Wilson, Your vibrant and enthusiastic personality was, absolutely, admirable. We loved your presentation and learned a lot from it. It isn’t easy to access the best financial advice, especially as a high school student, but in just one presentation, you were able to teach so much valuable information.

The GCD Program

Sheneya gave the students insight on personal finance, budgeting and how to make better choices in spending. The students asked great questions and were really engaged as they walked away with much needed info. I want to thank Sheneya for her time with us and hope she will be back for future sessions with P2G!

Curtis Cox, College and Career Coach

NYC Department of Education | Pathways to Graduation

Working with you to sort through my goals, figure out my financial strengths to ultimately gain financial freedom has been the most rewarding experience. You were clear and honest with me. You allowed a safe space for me to be open about my financial habits in an effort to find balance. I have clear path into savings and importantly how to and how much to save so i can make having my own home a reality next year

Kiana St. Louis

Author 100 Days of Dating

Sheneya was very professional and informative. She communicated with me the whole way, allowing me to understand the process and what exactly I was entitled to. My experience was educational, swift and thorough

A. Terrell


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