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Financial Consultations

Have a financial question and need to speak with a financial expert ?

FOLA Financial offers specialized consultations to assist you on your wealth building journey !

Financial 30-Minute Consultation

Do you have general questions about your business and/or personal financial plans?

General consultation topics include:

  • Past or present tax issues and audit assistance
  • Understand your tax positions and treatment for special scenarios
  • How to structure your business as a new entrepreneur
  • Which tax election is most appropriate for your business
  • How you can prepare for home ownership
  • Taxation of special income and investment types

This consultation allows you to "pick the brain" of a FOLA Financial Expert.

Upon completion of this consultation, you'll have your financial questions answered and learn more about the services we provide here at Fola Financial.

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Business Development Strategy Session - 90-Min

​Starting a business is the easy part, executing and scaling a business requires developments of new skill sets, teams, and systems. Creating a business development plan is an essential key to properly setting and achieving organizational goal ! 

This Business Development Strategy Session will be a great fit for you if:

  • You are seeking to analyze and forecast your business's financial performance
  • You would like to assess revenue stream profitability and how to price your products/services
  • You will like to understand when and how to make decisions regarding hiring and firing
  • You would like a financial expert to assist you with identifying potential areas for growth
  • You are ready to grow your business and need a development plan

If you are ready to scale your business, speak with a FOLA Financial Expert today !


Tax Strategy Session - 90-Min

There is no secret as to why wealthy individuals often pay the least amount in taxes in proportion to their income. Tax planning is an essential part of wealth accumulation and sustainability.

The purpose of tax planning is to ensure tax efficiency through the implementation of strategic analyses and strategies aimed to reduce your tax liability.

Fola Financial’s tax strategy session includes:

  • Financial projections and detailed financial position analysis
  • Tax credits and deductions assessment
  • Estimated federal tax liability calculations
  • Estimated state & local tax liability calculations
  • Small business tax planning
  • Tax reduction strategy and execution plan
  • Discounted year-end tax preparation services

We save our clients on average between $120 - $400k  + annually through our effective tax planning strategies.