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The People's CPA, Sheneya Wilson, is a serial social entrepreneur, real-estate investor, and global wealth educator. She is the founder and CEO of Fola Financial LLC.

However, a lot of taxpayers don’t realize they’re forfeiting refunds by missing the three-year filing deadline, said Sheneya Wilson, a certified public accountant and founder of Fola Financial in New York.

After a client complimented her skill at making complex financial topics easy to understand, Wilson branded herself “The People’s CPA.”

Sheneya Wilson, a New York City accountant, has seen the results in her office. It even is a problem with the weapons-grade software used by tax pros, which doesn’t necessarily prompt a preparer who adds a child elsewhere in the tax forms to change the client’s filing status to the more optimal “head of household” choice.

While studying accounting at SUNY Morrisville, Sheneya Wilson learned that only 4% of certified public accountants are Black. Wilson, who is of Jamaican and Cuban descent, decided then to pursue an MBA that would give her credits toward a CPA’s license so she could begin to change that percentage.

26-year-old certified public accountant (CPA) Shenaya Wilson left her PhD program to focus on growing her business.

The People’s CPA, Sheneya Wilson, is a serial entrepreneur, CPA, real-estate investor, and educator. She is the founder and CEO of Fola Financial LLC.

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The U.S. is home to roughly 2.5 million Black-owned businesses, according to the Census Bureau.