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Yes! You Can Buy It, But Can You Deduct It?

25 Purchases That May Qualify As Tax Deductions!

From major retail chains to travel, and service based businesses, there are lots of great deals available. 

But did you know that some of the items on your list (or in your shopping cart) may be considered tax deductions for our business? 

Here is list of 25 purchases that may qualify as a tax deduction! 

  1. Laptops or computers
  2. iPad, tablet, and accessories
  3. Website, domain name or hosting
  4. Travel and accomodations for business trips
  5. Software
  6. Digital storage products or services
  7. Car maintenance
  8. Meals for staff (including gift cards that can be purchased in advance and distributed as perks)
  9. Gym memberships or fitness services
  10. Office furniture
  11. Phone or accessories
  12. Camera or camera equipment
  13. Marketing services
  14. Graphic design services
  15. Cleaning services
  16. Non-cash gifts and rewards
  17. Photography services
  18. Subscriptions
  19. Ring light
  20. Vlogging equipment
  21. Airbnbs for business use
  22. Co-working space rental
  23. Electronic equipment 
  24. Makeup artists and personal services 
  25. Books

Want to learn more about how you can reduce your tax liability? Click below to apply to book a consultation!

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