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As an owner of two businesses, it was important to find an accountant with unmatched energy and professionalism. The People’s CPA is truly a GEM ! Her business acumen is exceptional; paired with her vibrant personality working with her has been nothing short of amazing. I recommend her for any accounting needs.

Chelsea Miller
CEO, Petronella Luxe

There is no secret as to why wealthy individuals often pay the least amount in taxes in proportion to their income. Tax planning is an essential part of wealth accumulation and sustainability.

The purpose of tax planning is to ensure tax efficiency through the implementation of strategic analyses and strategies aimed to reduce your tax liability.

Fola Financial’s quarterly tax planning package includes:

  • Detailed financial position analysis
  • Tax credits and deductions assessment
  • Estimated federal tax liability calculations
  • Estimated state & local tax liability calculations
  • Small business tax planning
  • Tax reduction strategy consultation
  • Discounted year-end tax preparation services

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